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[Closed to a certain someone, and that means you Javi!]

Fae was laying in her bed, though she was relaxing, everything about her seemed to glow. She'd finished her exams, her N.E.W.Ts, and to her she was simply tripping the light fantastic now. She was almost done with school. And all her letters from the MoM, from Ancient Rune work places. All of them had been answered. Had been approved in one way or another. And she just had to choose. But she had to know from someone. She needed to see what Javier said.

Deep down she fancied going away for another week in the summer while spying out job offerings in Egypt. She could spend that wonderful time with Javi. Fae smiled silently and into her pillow about it. She wanted to go there and be away from the world for a week, two weeks, oh a month.

Fae let the smile fade from her lips. But the light was stuck in her eyes. She was happy. Fae rolled over and turned the ring on her finger. Half hoping that could summon him. She absently reached for a book on her bedstand and looked to see if they had a spell for that.
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