cw_singer (cw_singer) wrote in mwpp_action,

(sorry it took so long, moving home and friends graduations kidnapped me)

Celestina sat outside under her invisibility cloak so that she could study in peace. She had a text book open on her lap but the wind and the silky nature of the fabric caused the material to slip off her head and make her look like a head floating two feet above the ground. She didn't notice this as she continued to read.
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Marlene walked slowly outside, not paying much attention to the students around her. Completely absorbed in her own thoughts, a small smile played on her lips as she thought of the good things in life. Stepping carefully over a tree-root, Marlene found herself suddenly air-bourne as her foot caught on something. Landing in a heap with a squeal, Marlene looked around angrily. Assuming it was her misjudgement of the tree root, she snickered and said,"Stupid tree root!" To herself.

On closer inspection, Marlene noticed the head of her head floating about where she had tripped. She let out another squeal, this time confused.
Celestina gasped and pulled the cloak off, nursing the hip that Marlene had inadvertantly hit, "Sorry. Sorry!"
Marlene's racing heartbeat slowed down, and she gasped out,"I thought I'd finally cracked!" Then after regaining her composure, laughed at herself. "That's an impressive cloak you've got there."
"It's the only way I get peace from the younger students." She folded it in her lap.
Marlene raised an eyebrow. Well recovered from her shock, she sat down with CC. "Really? I don't find them that much trouble."
Celestina just raised an eyebrow. She knew the reason she was being stalked by younger students was because she was famous, but she just felt too snobby telling Marlene that.