Javier Dominic Caplin (deviant_javier) wrote in mwpp_action,
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[[Open to any unoccupied Slythies]]

Javier was taking advantage of having the dormitory all to himself that evening, when his dormmates were down on the Quidditch pitch cramming in some last-week practice. He hoped one of them knocked themself out with a bludger so he's have more time alone.

Lying on the bed, he had slipped into sleep. He'd planned to study for a while, just a few chapters of his History of Magic book. But before he knew it he'd dozed off in the middle of the Wizarding Crusades Chapter. His thoughts had traveled to the talk he'd had with Hannah, the plans made, and the trouble they were going to inevitably cause with their families, and suddenly the Wizarding Crusades didn't seem so important.

The book was on the bed cover just above his head, still open, and under his hand were the two photos given to him of a certain Slytherin seventh year and the baby girl. The corners of the pictures were sticking out slightly, face down to the covers.
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