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Locked to Lorraine

The weekend was supposed to be a time of much relaxation and a fleeting break from all the stress and work of the weekday, so how, Lily mused, did it happen to be that every weekend since the beginning of the year had been the exact opposite of that? Here she was, just when she had thought she had gotten caught up, bogged down with more work than ever. I'll never have time to study for the N.E.W.Ts at this rate! she thought. Groaning, she pushed her Transfiguration essay away from her and leaned back in the wooden chair of her desk.

I need to find a stress reliever... Lily sighed, wishing Lorraine were up in the dorms like she, herself, was. However, one of their other dormmates said that her friend had left a while ago, probably down to dinner. Lily looked at the clock on the wall and realized that she had missed dinner for tonight...only about five minutes left. She wasn't hungry, really, and hadn't been terribly so lately. She attributed that to her uneasiness.

What James had told her about the Aurors in the Forbidden Forest troubled her much more than she felt it should have. Lily felt some sort of foreboding feeling warning her that something big was going to happen soon, and that the Aurors had something to do with it...and that it wouldn't be a good kind of something...
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