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[[Locked to Hannah, wherever the heck Shar went x.o]]

Slightly nervous. How could the same Javier who kept his emotions locked up as securely as the Queen Jewels feel anything close to being nervous? Easy, he had never been in this situation before, and it was often to one's advantage to feel apprehension about new times.

On his way to Hannah's room once more, he held no doubt that his knack of getting people angry with him might fire up again, and that would mean the spectacular ruin of what he wanted to say. He'd just have to make sure that it didn't happen this time. He would not let it happen.

He was risking the respect of both his family and girlfriend; neither of who he considered would see his point of view about all of this lightly. He knew Fae might have loved him, the recent mark of their two years was testimony to that, and his family did too, but would they understand? Would they know him well enough to hear even what he wasn't saying?

Hannah used to be one of the only close relations he had who reacted to him with any true feeling to his actions, by what he said, what his intentions made him do, a soul who always listened despite whether or not she wanted to hear what he was saying. At least, that was how it was, how it always used to be. This was going to change, and it would happen again.

When it came down to it, this was his life, and he would not let his days go stale. He could not, would not, put his heart to sleep.

Thoughts of the night previously reeled through his mind as he approached her dorm, cautiously, and without haste in his determined footfall. The oldest Slytherin prefect roaming about in girl's dorm was always likely to cause suspicion if seen, and he happened to think his prefect badge looked better on his robes, than it would in the hand of Nervil. The corridor was clear, so he made his way to the door, this time affording himself the luxury of not knocking first. Thus, he went straight in. No girl, especially Hannah's dorm friends, had anything that he hadn't either seen or touched before, and if one of the girls wanted to throw a vase at his head for his intrusion of the room, then he'd just have to convince them otherwise. He was in no mood for girlish games or time-wasting folly, and in no state of mind to have his mood tampered with.

"I should have stayed that morning," he said clearly to the lone figure sat on her bed. "I shouldn't have left."
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