Lucius Malfoy (lu_malfoy) wrote in mwpp_action,
Lucius Malfoy

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Locked for Remus. Curious to see these two interact.

'Beware of Giant Squid,' the sign by the lake said. Now that was false advertising, Lucius thought bitterly, his irritation building as the noonday sun got hotter. It was cool the night before when he'd tested Derek, but now this was too much. He didn't deal well with heat, nor with the cheerful giggling and fleshy bits of display by his school mates in the lake, splashing in the glistening water. He couldn't stand it any longer, so he gathered his book up and loosened his tie, wiping away the bead of perspiration that slithered down his pale forehead, and went inside. Relieved in the cool corridor, he no longer had to endure the spectacle of people he'd rather not see barely covered in scraps of fabric. Lucius shuddered delicately at the thought.
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