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[[Open to all, group rp?]] [20 Jun 2005|10:01am]

The time for the end of year ball had finally arrived.

There were a few teachers to the side to make sure the seventh years didn't get too rowdy, especially with the end of school in sight, but for the most part they were nearly invisible. It was an evening meant for the students.

Looking out over the spectacularly decorated hall, lavish banners stretched far across the ceiling, and the house shields were rolled down the pillars, the colours muted enough to suit the rest of the hall. The surrounding circles of friends stood talking and laughing, dancing, or hovered around the banquet. The two tables had been moved to the side of the hall and were stocked full of all sorts of food and drink, some of which was already being devoured by some of the students.The music was at the perfect volume to tickle the excitement of the already eager students, dressed in their finest suits or robes or dresses.
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[Closed to a certain someone, and that means you Javi!] [18 Jun 2005|10:50am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Fae was laying in her bed, though she was relaxing, everything about her seemed to glow. She'd finished her exams, her N.E.W.Ts, and to her she was simply tripping the light fantastic now. She was almost done with school. And all her letters from the MoM, from Ancient Rune work places. All of them had been answered. Had been approved in one way or another. And she just had to choose. But she had to know from someone. She needed to see what Javier said.

Deep down she fancied going away for another week in the summer while spying out job offerings in Egypt. She could spend that wonderful time with Javi. Fae smiled silently and into her pillow about it. She wanted to go there and be away from the world for a week, two weeks, oh a month.

Fae let the smile fade from her lips. But the light was stuck in her eyes. She was happy. Fae rolled over and turned the ring on her finger. Half hoping that could summon him. She absently reached for a book on her bedstand and looked to see if they had a spell for that.

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Open to any. [17 Jun 2005|05:38pm]

Meghan stepped out of the main doors, smiling brightly at anyone who passed her way. She hasn't felt this happy or refreshed for what seemed like centuries now, and she was glad the NEWTs were gone. Forever. She won't have to study for anything anymore.

Taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Meghan decided to spend the rest of her day by the lake, determined on forgetting the material she crammed into her brain the last month. And so she made her way to the lake, picked a cool spot under one of the trees and settled down on the grass, leaning her back on the tree trunk.
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[closed to joey] [16 Jun 2005|03:39am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Lorraine sat in the stands of the quidditch pitch looking up at the sky taking a in a deep breath. She hadn't talked to Joey for the past few days really they hadn't spent time together either. Lorraine had her studies to worry about as did Joey, but she was kind of sad over the fact that her and Joey really hadn't talked about her feelings and her slight fear. She really cared about him she was scared but she trusted him it was confusing to her. She did wonder if possibly it wasn't fear of getting hurt or left behind with her heartbroken but something else. But what bothered her was Joey's reaction, she wanted to know his thoughts if he believed her it wasn't that she didn't trust him she just wanted to know he was being open and honest completely if they were to be together that is one thing they needed to be.

Lorraine moved so that she was now sitting cross-legged as she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply she let her hands drop beside her as she just let herself go into meditation trying to clear her mind of everything and just finding something to bring her peace over the whole matter.

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[Rem + Em!] [14 Jun 2005|02:10am]

It was her last class of the day, so Emmeline was extra-quick in gathering her things and bag, and heading outside. She didn't have any big plans - just to pick up some books and study by her favourite tree by the lake.

Weaving her way carefully through the crowded halls and students, she took her old shortcut to get outside, a long hall that hardly anyone used anymore. She walked quickly, and was rummaging through her bag to get out her books. Thus, she did not see when she collided headlong into someone, slamming her backward. The wind knocked out her momentarily, she didn't say anything at first, and just looked around at her scattered items.
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[14 Jun 2005|10:58am]

Remus was rather surprised at how well the session went. He didn't know she was this bright when he agreed on getting her ready for her OWLs. He had thought that she was having a bit more trouble with her Defense Against the Dark arts classes, judging on the way she almost burst into tears when she asked for his help. Needless to say, he was pleased the private lesson went on without him having to put in too much effort.

He watched the skinny fifth year leave for her dorm, when he decided to go to his own. He gathered his parchment and books, and started up the boys stairs, his mind locked on the same thing he always thought of these days. It wasn't by will, of course, since he wouldn't think of girls if he could.

Remus pushed the door to his dormitory open, and walked across the room to settle on his bed, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly as he closed his eyes.

"And why are you here when your redhead isn't?" he said after a moment, his words directed at the figure in the bed opposite his.
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[[Hannah girl]] [11 Jun 2005|12:51pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Shifting his weight, Javier rummaged through the trunk at the end of his bed, looking for a particular magenta and silver dragon. He kneeled on one leg, half his body leaned over into the trunk, searching furiously through the contents.

"Shit," he hissed as his eyes darted towards the bed, thinking that someone must have found it lying about and thrown it out. Idiots, the tags were still fresh on it, it couldn't possibly be considered old and in need of disposal. The dragon was a present for a certain baby girl, and it would hit a seething nerve if someone had thrown it out.

It was an owl order made the day after he'd talked to Hannah in her room, in the hope that when she contacted her parents they'd agree to bring the child soon (without knowing anything about Javier's plans to see her), and he could give her the present. He'd received the packaged toy later the day he'd ordered it. Either way, he'd planned to keep it until he saw her. It was from one of the most expensive toy makers, individually crafted for her, because he wanted it ready to give to her today instead of rushing around last minute and picking a cheaper toy she wouldn't like as much.

His cold eyes glowered, glinting in the light of the dormitory; angry like he'd became affected by the toy dragon he couldn't find. His steely gaze drifted towards his cupboard, and his temper began to drain down once more. With a relieved titter he went over to it, picking up the pink stuffed animal which he found inside. Someone must have placed it in there after all. He tossed it in the air once, and then caught it again; shoving it into the bag he was going to take with him.

The last carriage would be leaving for Hogsmeade, and he didn't want to miss it. He gave a last look to the letter Hannah sent him the night before - My parents are bringing her to the village - I'll meet them and take her off on my own - meet me in front of the Paper Moon shop at midday - I can't wait to see you again, miss you. - then crumpled it into a papery ball and dropped it into the bin.

The carriages wouldn't wait, so he spun on his heel and walked briskly all the way to the main doors, passing Filch who drawled something disapproving to - or about - him, but Javier didn't stop to listen. He was rarely late for anything, and when he was, it was never anything of much consequence. Although this time was different, if only Nervil hadn't kept him busy with extra prefect duties that morning. It had left him little time to get changed into his casual clothes and find the toy. Both the clothes and gift were out ready, but someone obviously saw fit to tidy the dragon away while he was busy, making him late. He'd ask his dorm-mates later who it was. But it didn't matter now. He got into the second to last carriage, securing the bag by his side.

Midday, he could wait that long. He would see that his gift rested in the cradle of that child.

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Open to any -- Group or Pair RP [09 Jun 2005|04:46pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

As the late afternoon light outside the library windows slowly gave way to early evening's darkness, students began to wander in, placing themselves down in between rows of books for what would undoubtedly be a long night for them all. Dinner was now over, and that meant only one thing for Hogwarts students at this time of year--studying, studying, and yet more studying. There were exams to prepare for, for even if you did not have to be assessed for a larger purpose in your year, there was still much to be done.

That was the exact reason why every evening like this found Amelia Bones in the school library as she was now, making good of her time by stuffing her nose in a textbook. At her side was a list of all the things that would be on her exams, her Arithmancy and Magical Healing textbooks, several rolls of parchment, ink, and her quills...and a bag of sugar quills as well, just for energy's sake.

Sighing, she broke off a piece of that candy and popped it into her mouth as she opened up the Arithmancy book. She had eaten dinner, of course, but not much and now she was mildly regretting it. Taking out a bit of parchment and her real quill, she got to work. The best way for her to study would be to make study notes, she imagined, and so that's what she set out to do.

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Open to any. [07 Jun 2005|01:48pm]

Remus made his way out of the hospital wing, relieved that another transformation was behind him. This one time wasn't as bad as the rest of them; in fact, each time it was getting easier and easier, thanks to his three friends no doubt. And maybe they were right. Maybe some day in the future the healers could come up with a solution for his problem, maybe he won't stay like this forever.

With the new found hope inside him, Remus felt much lighter. He smiled to himself as he took a left turn, almost bumping into one of the students.
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[06 Jun 2005|11:11pm]

Benjy is sitting on a bench outside, studying for his finals. He's concentration deeply on his notes, not really noticing anything else or anyone that is passing him.
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[06 Jun 2005|11:07pm]

(sorry it took so long, moving home and friends graduations kidnapped me)

Celestina sat outside under her invisibility cloak so that she could study in peace. She had a text book open on her lap but the wind and the silky nature of the fabric caused the material to slip off her head and make her look like a head floating two feet above the ground. She didn't notice this as she continued to read.
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[[Open to any unoccupied Slythies]] [06 Jun 2005|09:50am]

[ mood | okay ]

Javier was taking advantage of having the dormitory all to himself that evening, when his dormmates were down on the Quidditch pitch cramming in some last-week practice. He hoped one of them knocked themself out with a bludger so he's have more time alone.

Lying on the bed, he had slipped into sleep. He'd planned to study for a while, just a few chapters of his History of Magic book. But before he knew it he'd dozed off in the middle of the Wizarding Crusades Chapter. His thoughts had traveled to the talk he'd had with Hannah, the plans made, and the trouble they were going to inevitably cause with their families, and suddenly the Wizarding Crusades didn't seem so important.

The book was on the bed cover just above his head, still open, and under his hand were the two photos given to him of a certain Slytherin seventh year and the baby girl. The corners of the pictures were sticking out slightly, face down to the covers.

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[[Locked to Narcissa. Hannah join later if you want! Bring on the Slythie girls]] [06 Jun 2005|09:23am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Daniel had left the common room now; Tari had watched him leave after they'd finished with their walk. She had been slightly frosty to him towards the end of the encounter, she admitted that much to herself, but there were a few matters that remained unsolved.

She didn't like contention. She didn't like arguments or fights or bloodshed if there was any other way to deal with something.

With only the slightest hint of confusion about how to sort out the whole situation, she relaxed back into the couch beside the fire, cradling a glass of water in her hands.

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(Open) [05 Jun 2005|02:01am]

[ mood | busy ]

Alicia sat behind a stack of books nearly as high as the ceiling there in the Library. She fussed and fussed over such small things. She was a worry wort, no doubt about it. She planned and planned and studied far too hard.

And here she was doing it again.

She hadn't been outside nearly enough.

She was going crazy.

"Meow." She murmered to herself as she dived into another book.

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Locked to Lorraine [04 Jun 2005|07:57pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

The weekend was supposed to be a time of much relaxation and a fleeting break from all the stress and work of the weekday, so how, Lily mused, did it happen to be that every weekend since the beginning of the year had been the exact opposite of that? Here she was, just when she had thought she had gotten caught up, bogged down with more work than ever. I'll never have time to study for the N.E.W.Ts at this rate! she thought. Groaning, she pushed her Transfiguration essay away from her and leaned back in the wooden chair of her desk.

I need to find a stress reliever... Lily sighed, wishing Lorraine were up in the dorms like she, herself, was. However, one of their other dormmates said that her friend had left a while ago, probably down to dinner. Lily looked at the clock on the wall and realized that she had missed dinner for tonight...only about five minutes left. She wasn't hungry, really, and hadn't been terribly so lately. She attributed that to her uneasiness.

What James had told her about the Aurors in the Forbidden Forest troubled her much more than she felt it should have. Lily felt some sort of foreboding feeling warning her that something big was going to happen soon, and that the Aurors had something to do with it...and that it wouldn't be a good kind of something...

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[[Lucius]] [04 Jun 2005|07:31pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Chester was sitting in the Slytherin Common Room, leaning back in a comfortable, bottle green armchair with a lengthy novel in his hands. Deeply emmersed in his book, Chester ignored his fellow housemates, that were getting rather tiresome all of the sudden. As much as he prefered a Slytherin's company than anyone else's, he didn't even participate in the quiet chatter going on around his. He couldn't see any of his friends, and he found it unnecessary to involve himself.

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[[Locked to Hannah, wherever the heck Shar went x.o]] [02 Jun 2005|11:08am]

[ mood | sore ]

Slightly nervous. How could the same Javier who kept his emotions locked up as securely as the Queen Jewels feel anything close to being nervous? Easy, he had never been in this situation before, and it was often to one's advantage to feel apprehension about new times.

On his way to Hannah's room once more, he held no doubt that his knack of getting people angry with him might fire up again, and that would mean the spectacular ruin of what he wanted to say. He'd just have to make sure that it didn't happen this time. He would not let it happen.

He was risking the respect of both his family and girlfriend; neither of who he considered would see his point of view about all of this lightly. He knew Fae might have loved him, the recent mark of their two years was testimony to that, and his family did too, but would they understand? Would they know him well enough to hear even what he wasn't saying?

Hannah used to be one of the only close relations he had who reacted to him with any true feeling to his actions, by what he said, what his intentions made him do, a soul who always listened despite whether or not she wanted to hear what he was saying. At least, that was how it was, how it always used to be. This was going to change, and it would happen again.

When it came down to it, this was his life, and he would not let his days go stale. He could not, would not, put his heart to sleep.

Thoughts of the night previously reeled through his mind as he approached her dorm, cautiously, and without haste in his determined footfall. The oldest Slytherin prefect roaming about in girl's dorm was always likely to cause suspicion if seen, and he happened to think his prefect badge looked better on his robes, than it would in the hand of Nervil. The corridor was clear, so he made his way to the door, this time affording himself the luxury of not knocking first. Thus, he went straight in. No girl, especially Hannah's dorm friends, had anything that he hadn't either seen or touched before, and if one of the girls wanted to throw a vase at his head for his intrusion of the room, then he'd just have to convince them otherwise. He was in no mood for girlish games or time-wasting folly, and in no state of mind to have his mood tampered with.

"I should have stayed that morning," he said clearly to the lone figure sat on her bed. "I shouldn't have left."

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[Open, group rp maybe? at the gryffindor table] [02 Jun 2005|09:31am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Sirius slowly raised his cereal-heaped spoon up to his lips, drowning in thoughts about Dumbledore's confession. He shouldn't have doubted that the headmaster knew of the Aurors in the Forest, that he was the very one who'd given them permission to be there. Recent activity in the other side of the forest had to mean a Deatheater sort. The headmaster knowing what was happening was surely a good thing, but to have Ministry workers concerned enough to post people out there must mean the situation was serious. At least Sirius hadn't seen any indication that Dumbledore was going to issue hit-wizards in the school, so that was a small relief.

Not that he could tell anyone else, he understood that much. The last thing students needed so close to exams was the extra worry. He respected that. Dumbledore's approval towards James and Marlene's Dark Arts group reassured this Black immensely. Maybe now he'd be more skilled in dealing with if he ever got kidnapped again - once was terrifying enough, a second time would just be careless.

He took another spoon of cereal, his bowl nearly empty, and he didn't even notice.

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Locked for Remus. Curious to see these two interact. [31 May 2005|09:45am]

[ mood | relieved ]

'Beware of Giant Squid,' the sign by the lake said. Now that was false advertising, Lucius thought bitterly, his irritation building as the noonday sun got hotter. It was cool the night before when he'd tested Derek, but now this was too much. He didn't deal well with heat, nor with the cheerful giggling and fleshy bits of display by his school mates in the lake, splashing in the glistening water. He couldn't stand it any longer, so he gathered his book up and loosened his tie, wiping away the bead of perspiration that slithered down his pale forehead, and went inside. Relieved in the cool corridor, he no longer had to endure the spectacle of people he'd rather not see barely covered in scraps of fabric. Lucius shuddered delicately at the thought.

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Locked. [29 May 2005|11:02pm]

Remus gave an uneasy sigh as he shifted the pile of heavy books in his arms, almost knocking down one of the shelves. Even though Madam Pince sort of liked him, he wouldn't hear the end of it if that had happened, and he preferred remaining on the librarian's good side.
Dodging a first year student, Remus walked carefully toward the back of the library, away from the harsh whispers and the hushed giggles, and stacked his books neatly on the first empty table he found.
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