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[[Open to all, group rp?]]

The time for the end of year ball had finally arrived.

There were a few teachers to the side to make sure the seventh years didn't get too rowdy, especially with the end of school in sight, but for the most part they were nearly invisible. It was an evening meant for the students.

Looking out over the spectacularly decorated hall, lavish banners stretched far across the ceiling, and the house shields were rolled down the pillars, the colours muted enough to suit the rest of the hall. The surrounding circles of friends stood talking and laughing, dancing, or hovered around the banquet. The two tables had been moved to the side of the hall and were stocked full of all sorts of food and drink, some of which was already being devoured by some of the students.The music was at the perfect volume to tickle the excitement of the already eager students, dressed in their finest suits or robes or dresses.
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