Remus Lupin (moon_cursed) wrote in mwpp_action,
Remus Lupin

Remus was rather surprised at how well the session went. He didn't know she was this bright when he agreed on getting her ready for her OWLs. He had thought that she was having a bit more trouble with her Defense Against the Dark arts classes, judging on the way she almost burst into tears when she asked for his help. Needless to say, he was pleased the private lesson went on without him having to put in too much effort.

He watched the skinny fifth year leave for her dorm, when he decided to go to his own. He gathered his parchment and books, and started up the boys stairs, his mind locked on the same thing he always thought of these days. It wasn't by will, of course, since he wouldn't think of girls if he could.

Remus pushed the door to his dormitory open, and walked across the room to settle on his bed, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly as he closed his eyes.

"And why are you here when your redhead isn't?" he said after a moment, his words directed at the figure in the bed opposite his.
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