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Open to any -- Group or Pair RP

As the late afternoon light outside the library windows slowly gave way to early evening's darkness, students began to wander in, placing themselves down in between rows of books for what would undoubtedly be a long night for them all. Dinner was now over, and that meant only one thing for Hogwarts students at this time of year--studying, studying, and yet more studying. There were exams to prepare for, for even if you did not have to be assessed for a larger purpose in your year, there was still much to be done.

That was the exact reason why every evening like this found Amelia Bones in the school library as she was now, making good of her time by stuffing her nose in a textbook. At her side was a list of all the things that would be on her exams, her Arithmancy and Magical Healing textbooks, several rolls of parchment, ink, and her quills...and a bag of sugar quills as well, just for energy's sake.

Sighing, she broke off a piece of that candy and popped it into her mouth as she opened up the Arithmancy book. She had eaten dinner, of course, but not much and now she was mildly regretting it. Taking out a bit of parchment and her real quill, she got to work. The best way for her to study would be to make study notes, she imagined, and so that's what she set out to do.
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