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Chester was sitting in the Slytherin Common Room, leaning back in a comfortable, bottle green armchair with a lengthy novel in his hands. Deeply emmersed in his book, Chester ignored his fellow housemates, that were getting rather tiresome all of the sudden. As much as he prefered a Slytherin's company than anyone else's, he didn't even participate in the quiet chatter going on around his. He couldn't see any of his friends, and he found it unnecessary to involve himself.
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Lucius strode through the commons with several of the house Quidditch team in tow, following behind him to finally disperse into the room. It never hurt to get some extra practice in. Slowly, he rubbed his wrist which was developing a slight pain, a bludger injury from one of the enthusiastic Ravenclaws. He admired the enthusiasm, just not when he suffered, even mildly, from it.
Hearing the sudden racket, Chester looks up and frowns. His frown becomes deeper when he realises it was most of the Quidditch team. Catching Lucius as he marched past, he asked,"Did I miss something?"
"Possibly, depending on how much practice you needed. It was only a casual practice with a few of us. Jugson and MacNair mainly. Jugson has the most impressive swing I've seen in a player. He'll be knocking them down like flies."

So Potter and Black, he thought with cruel relish, will be the first out.

Lucius took a seat on a couch opposite, pulling both of his playing gloves off. He flexed his fingers, grasping them up into a light fist, then relaxed the tension in them again. His fingers were long and pale, light but swift, a seeker's pair of hands and no mistake. His wrist was going to be fine. It would take more than a dense Ravenclaw and a rogue bludger to keep him down and out. Speaking of which...

"I hear a Ravenclaw's been bothering you." Lucius wouldn't have pried too deeply in any other circumstance, but he'd noticed a few harsh comments had been publicly exchanged in the project journals, so he took it upon himself to make sure everything was alright.
Chester snorted, and ran a finger fleetingly down his jawline. "Mm, you could say that. She's in your year, you'd probably know her. Angelina Ashpan, or something. Lying around in nothing but her swimming trunks - if you could call them that - and got rather heated with me when I made a comment on how scantily clad she was. It got a bit nasty, she called Abigail a slut. You know how much that would displease me. However, I came off worse."

Retreating his hand from his face, he lets them slide once again into his lap. His jaw wasn't that sore at all now, but just thinking about it made him sure he felt a slight twang. "Care to help me do something about it?" A sly smile formed on Chester's lips, the wheels in his mind already churning out some plans.
"I can imagine that of her. She's not the most tactful of people. What can you expect, though."

Lucius thought the name over in his mind. He knew who Chester meant, it was one of those annoying Ravenclaws on the opposing Quidditch team. Not particularly a good one, Lucius thought to himself, looking openly at Chester's jaw. The idea of helping Chester out with whatever needed doing suited him just fine. Little Ravenclaws who got out of their depth needed to know their place. Lucius knew that well, perhaps slightly biased because of his cousin's involvement in that house. Any friend of Marlene's couldn't be good.

"In what capacity might I be of assistance?"
"I haven't thought it entirely through, as of yet. I don't want to get hot-headed and do something rash like last time. It would do my pride an awful bashing if she got off better twice." Chester looked slightly disgusted at the thought of coming of worse again.

Pondering on his thoughts for a moment longer, Chester continued,"I suppose you could say...I want to teach her a lesson. I told her that day that she made herself an unfortunate enemy and I plan to live up to my word."
As a fellow Slytherin, and - at least Lucius hoped - a friend, he considered it his place to step in and help out.

"Do you have any ideas yet? Perhaps I could contact my father and ask him to dig up a few grisly details about her. If she's had anything to do with the Ministry in her lifetime, there'll be records of it, and of her family." Lucius's voice hinted at blackmail or slander, if he wanted to go down that route.

He smiled. Emotional torture was so much more satisfying than any other.
Chester looked impressed and that slowly merged into smug. "You're always one step ahead. Everyone is always most touchy-feely over their family."
"Not everyone. There are many who oppose their families, especially as we're almost adults now. But when they matter, it's always a weak point, I find. Unless the person in question hates their family, when there'll be something else. It's just a case of finding the chink in the armour. This girl clearly overreacts, so it should be easy."
Chester's sly smile extended at the corners of his mouth, feeling pleased. "Almost too easy, should I be able to keep my temper. I blame my father for that one."
"I'm sure you will. In fact, I'm convinced of it. It will spectacular to see one of them," meaning Ravenclaws, "getting what's coming to them."
Chester nodded vigorously at that. "I hope you do not have issues with them as well; she's one of the only one's I've ever talked to and that's enough to swear me off them forever."
Lucius thought of Marlene, and of confiding in her to Chester. It had been a struggle enough to get Marlene to stay quiet (which, unfortunately for Lucius, she hadn't), and even more difficult to make sure of the same about he other people who knew.

It was, he decided, more trouble than it was worth to tell someone else. Not yet, perhaps in time, but for now he needed to keep it to himself.

"I have, but it's something of a sensitive matter. It disgusts me to think of it more than I must."
Chester's eyebrows shot up, and he looked surprised. He did not disguise that he was intrigued. "This sounds grievous indeed."
"I'll be in a much position to do something about it when we're out of this place," Lucius quietly stated.
Chester nodded. With slight consideration he added,"You can always rel on me for assistance, should you ever need it. No questions asked."
"I think I might be able to find a use for you." Lucius smiled, a deliciously devious little smile.

"You can be sure you'll be hearing from me, even after we leave here."
Chester allowed himself to grin, but not so much as to look like a stupid puppy. He nodded casually. "Very good, then. I'll look forward to it."
"For now, I must go and see someone about some delicate matters." Lucius' smile widened just that bit more, standing up from the couch.

He expected, even hoped, to see Chester again, and soon. He was going to keep in mind what he'd said about that Ravenclaw. He knew Angelina and Marlene to be friends in some capacity. Maybe they really could kill two birds with one stones, so to speak. He wasn't sure how close they were, but maybe someone could help him out with that piece of knowledge. Someone who knew them both. Someone like Meghan.
Chester nodded at him, and lifted his hand in goodbye. "Well, I'll see you soon, then."