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[Open, group rp maybe? at the gryffindor table]

Sirius slowly raised his cereal-heaped spoon up to his lips, drowning in thoughts about Dumbledore's confession. He shouldn't have doubted that the headmaster knew of the Aurors in the Forest, that he was the very one who'd given them permission to be there. Recent activity in the other side of the forest had to mean a Deatheater sort. The headmaster knowing what was happening was surely a good thing, but to have Ministry workers concerned enough to post people out there must mean the situation was serious. At least Sirius hadn't seen any indication that Dumbledore was going to issue hit-wizards in the school, so that was a small relief.

Not that he could tell anyone else, he understood that much. The last thing students needed so close to exams was the extra worry. He respected that. Dumbledore's approval towards James and Marlene's Dark Arts group reassured this Black immensely. Maybe now he'd be more skilled in dealing with if he ever got kidnapped again - once was terrifying enough, a second time would just be careless.

He took another spoon of cereal, his bowl nearly empty, and he didn't even notice.
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